Vision Sport Fishing Charters

Vision Sportfishing is a Darwin based charter operation specialising in sight fishing for Barramundi and other tropical inshore/freshwater sportfish.

We cater to any desires or requirements of our clients, from single day charters to 14 day fishing experiences. These charters are conducted all over the beautiful and remote Northern Territory.


Your Guide, Ben Currell:-

  • Accredited Coxswain
  • Licensed to operate a Commercial Passenger vehicle
  • Passionate fisherman for over 20 years
  • A supreme understanding of fish behaviours and movements
  • Experience in fishing for everything from Bream to Barra to Marlin

On our charters our guides are happy to share their wealth of knowledge and explain the given piscatorial situation to the client. Along with giving one on one tuition, we believe every fisherman/woman should learn something new each day on the water.

On larger trips we subcontract to other guides, these guides are selected under strict criteria to ensure charters are of the highest calibre.


Vision Sportfishing utilizes a 7.1m Seastorm custom built longboat named “20/20”. Designed to ride well, yet float in as water little as 30cm. This enables our clients to sightfish for Barramundi in the shallowest of water, which just cannot be reached by the majority of anglers. Being a large vessel, “20/20” can fish up to 4 anglers comfortably, sporting large fore and aft cast-decks, along with ample underfloor storage, ensuring a clutter free fishing area. “20/20” is powered by a Suzuki 140hp four-stroke. This ensures reliability, safety and stealth. Whilst fishing we operate a remote controlled Minn Kota 80lb iPilot electric motor. This enables us to sneak up on the wariest of fish in the shallowest of water, giving our clients the opportunity to sight the fish and present a lure or fly.

The Fishing



Our speciality is sightfishing for Australia’s premier sportfish, the Barramundi. (See our sightfishing page.) These charters are tide dependent therefore can only be conducted on specific dates (see calendar).

Other than Barra, these trips also give the angler and opportunity to target tropical sportfish such as:

  • Queenfish
  • Threadfin Salmon (Blue & King).
  • Trevally (many species).
  • Golden Snapper (Fingermark).
  • Mangrove Jacks.
  • Spanish Mackerel (and other Mackerels).
  • Longtail Tuna (and Mackerel Tuna).
  • Sailfish & Marlin (specialised charters May, June, September & October).
  • Black Jewfish (and assorted reef fish).
  • Along with Other tropical sportfish.

Be sure to ask the guide if you have any specific goals or targets for your trip and he will do anything he can to enable you to achieve these goals.

The Run Off

The run off presents one of the best opportunities for anglers to secure that Barramundi of a lifetime. Fishing at this time of year consists of targetting the large rivers and coastal creeks of the top end as the wet season rain drains or ‘runs-off’ from the floodplains. This congregates the Barramundi, Threadfin Salmon, Bullsharks and Catfish in areas where they can enjoy the plethora of baitfish being flushed downstream, and more importantly into a position where anglers can present them with a lure or fly.

The Run-off can be enjoyed as either a day trip, or extended experience.


Sportfishing the billabongs of the Top End gives anglers the chance to experience what the Northern Territory is really all about – Barra, Buffalo, Birdlife and BIG Crocodiles. Add to this the opportunity to tangle with one of Australia’s most exciting sportfish, the Saratoga and you have a recipe for a wonderful day on the water.

Billabong sportfishing charters generally consist of casting surface lures or flies deep into the lily beds and trying to wrestle the Barramundi, Saratoga or Tarpon back out into open water.

If you prefer a more laid back approach then slow trolling the fringes is not only an effective method of catching Barra, ‘Toga and Tarpon. But it gives the angler and opportunity to really take in the rugged beauty of the Territory.

Billabong Charters can be booked as single day trips or extended experiences.

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